United, Unstoppable

My name is Dimitri Lascaris, and I'm running to become leader of the Green Party of Canada.

Why haven't we achieved real climate action in Canada? And why haven't we achieved social and economic justice for all Canadians?

The majority of Canadians support progressive change, so why hasn't it happened yet?  The answer is simple: progressives in Canada are not united. Progressive politicians are spread across parties, and many progressive activists avoid party politics altogether.

A divided movement can never succeed. The fundamental challenge facing progressives today is the challenge to unite within a single party and achieve real, lasting influence in Parliament.

Today, we have a historic opportunity to make the Green Party the home of all Canadian progressives. But to make that happen, we need a leader who has a track record of standing up to corporate interests and winning victories for the environment, democracy, and human rights.

I have the track record to be that leader for our party, and you can help.

We need to expand our horizons if we want to grow and have a transformational impact on Parliament. Canadians trust us to speak the truth about environmental justice. Let's show them we're also the party speaking the truth about social and economic justice, so progressives of all stripes can unite as Greens to achieve real impact.

United, we'll be unstoppable. We'll take on the fossil fuel industry, and we'll take on injustice and inequity in this country, and we'll win.

Ultimately, I believe that what unites us as Greens is that we put future generations ahead of partisan politics and petty divisions. We are the party capable of uniting Canadian progressives, and we have a responsibility to make it happen. If you agree with me, please support my campaign.

My Platform




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