"Dimitri Lascaris understands the connections between destruction of the environment, oppression of indigenous peoples, and the global war machine. I support him in his bid to become leader of the Green Party of Canada."

Roger Waters, Renowned musician, co-founder of progressive rock band Pink Floyd, and human rights activist

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“Dimitri’s legal advocacy, investigative reporting, and public lectures and commentary are proof that he is willing to take bold and principled stances for peace, the environment, and human rights.

He is well-known for standing up for the vulnerable, the disenfranchised, and the oppressed, and his understanding of the law as an instrument of activism has enabled him to achieve tangible victories for the causes he has defended.

Dimitri’s blending of ecology and democratic socialism provides an exciting foundation for the development of new policy. I believe that by choosing Dimitri as leader of the Green Party, we will help the party unite emerging youth movements with long-time activists.”

—Joan Russow, past Green Party of Canada Leader (1997-2001)

“I’ve known Dimitri for several years, and he has impressed me with his intelligence and commitment.

Dimitri stands out in an era when Canada is suffering a dearth of leadership. He will demonstrate that the Greens are a party of substance, led by a well-spoken, articulate (in both French and English) and thoughtful person who understands the critical role our environment plays in Canada’s ability to maintain a high quality of life and a sustainable economy.”

—Don Scott, past Green Party of Canada Vice President, English (2014-2016)

“I have known Dimitri Lascaris since 2015 and have been impressed by his personal integrity; his clarity of thinking; his clear and assertive communication; and his grasp of the profound environmental, economic, social, democratic, and international problems and challenges that Canada faces.

Dimitri’s political standpoint is nourished by the spirit of current social movements. He would not only make a fitting successor to the remarkable Elizabeth May, but he also would attract social activists to the party and capture the attention of both the media and the Canadian public.

Dimitri is very well-placed to take the GPC to the next phase of its development at a time when resourceful, courageous, and ethical leaders are so sorely needed to inspire Canadians to face our intersecting local, national, and global challenges. I am very pleased to endorse Dimitri's candidacy for the GPC leadership.”

—Richard Walsh, past Shadow Cabinet critic for Mental Health, past candidate 2015 (Waterloo)

“I have joined Dimitri’s team because I think the country needs someone of Dimitri’s integrity at the helm of the Green Party. The Green Party has failed to capture the attention of Canadians as shown by our electoral results. The energy and directness and confidence that Dimitri brings to politics will enable us to do so. We have to be aggressive, to communicate the desperate need for cultural and economic renewal essential for our survival through the multifactorial challenges of climate change. I am confident that Dimitri can and will do this.”

—Colin Griffiths, past Shadow Cabinet critic for Science & Technology, past candidate 2015 (Pontiac)

“Dimitri is totally committed to a green planet that sustains life with dignity and justice for all. He comes with deep knowledge of the issues of sustainability and the complex interactions between the economy and the environment. I am particularly impressed with his unwavering commitments to decency, integrity and transparency. These are the principles so deeply missed in the political arena of expediency, cow-towing to corporate agendas and interest groups. His energy and untiring work to be a voice for those whose voices are dismissed are adding a fresh life to our political discourse and politicians.”

Dr. Atif Kubursi, Professor Emeritus of Economics, McMaster University

“Dimitri Lascaris is a progressive and principled candidate who is not afraid to speak truth to power. His platform on workers rights issues alone is the best I've seen in my 35 year career as a union leader. Not surprisingly his environmental policies provide Canada with a road map on how to achieve our carbon emission reduction targets, and then some.”

—Sid Ryan, former president of the Canadian Union of Public Employees, CUPE-Ontario and ex-president of the Ontario Federation of Labour

“I am totally supportive of the Green Party of Canada leadership candidate Dimitri Lascaris... such candidates are rare in these precarious times.

He supports reducing the military budget, getting Canada out of NATO and disbanding NATO, he opposes nuclear energy and is pushing for Canada to ratify the UN treaty on the prohibition of nuclear weapons.”

—Dr. Helen Caldicott M.D., physician, author, and renowned anti-nuclear activist

“I support Dimitri Lascaris as the next Green Party leader because he has the best, most progressive policies and proposals on all the issues. He’s out there on the front lines standing with land defenders, disenfranchised workers and others resisting large corporate power or government neglect. He is specific and articulate on all the other issues, from banking, to corporate control, tuition, worker rights, Indigenous rights, Black Lives Matter, and more.”

—Kim Goldberg, award-winning poet and journalist, author of eight books including Devolution (poems of ecopocalypse).

“I am delighted to endorse Dimitri Lascaris for leader of the Green Party of Canada. Dimitri’s appreciation of the intimate relationship between the economy and the environment is extraordinary. No longer should Canadians suffer from the mindless pursuit of economic growth. Dimitri’s emphasis on improving well-being through better public services, workers’ rights, justice and police reform, animal welfare, and a more equitable distribution of income and wealth, while protecting the environment offers a much better future. His understanding of Canada’s proper place in the world, free of the dictates and whims of the USA, is a breath of fresh air. Dimitri has the vision and capacity to take the Green Party of Canada in a new direction if only we are smart enough to give him the chance to lead.”

Peter A. Victor, Professor Emeritus at York University.

“I really like Dimitri Lascaris because of his strong background as a top-flight corporate lawyer who changed sides to become a class action human rights lawyer. He is not only bright and tough, but is deeply devoted to environmental, economic, and social justice. He has strong, well-developed positions on a broad spectrum of issues from climate change to economic equity and human rights, and he has a plan to make the Green Party a home for all the genuine progressives who have become disillusioned by the failure of the political establishment to effectively address the issues they claim to champion.”

Caspar Davis, 20-year member of the Green Party, and long-time activist in Victoria.

“In today's world, too often we have to tolerate politicians who express themselves in evasions, clichés and even half-truths when dealing with key issues that confront us. I am backing Dimitri Lascaris because he has shown an honesty that is now very rare. He confronts head-on the relationship between the environment and the type of economy we have established.

I also honour him for being so forthright in challenging Canada’s disastrous foreign policy that uses sanctions and colonialist era threats to other nations. There can be no sound international environmental measures without the respect between nations. For this important link between environmental degradation, the economy and a detrimental foreign policy, I fully support Dimitri Lascaris and hope that our votes will make him the extraordinary leader that the Green Party, and Canada, needs at this moment.”

Maria Páez Victor, MA. Ph.D.

“The Green Party of Canada needs a leader that knows foreign policy and can take strong, credible stances. That's why I'm voting for Dimitri Lascaris. He is a human rights lawyer, specializing in class-action law. He is also a good communicator, an advocate for economic equality, and a feminist. Dimitri is a proven, principled, and effective leader who believes in science.”

Carmen Budilean, strategic consultant for the Green Party and former candidate

“Dimitri Lascaris will shift political discourse in a positive direction as the leader of the Green Party. I've seen Dimitri in action. His principles, in particular his commitment to universal human rights, are deep and consistent. His vision is broad and clear. His work is thorough and grounded. He's courageous and effective. His leadership will change the Green Party and all of Canadian politics for the better.”

—Rabbi David Mivasair

“I’m enthusiastically endorsing Dimitri Lascaris because I’ve seen his courage, compassion, intelligence and integrity in action. Dimitri is a good listener - a crucial quality for any leader. He’s respectful of others and seeks to find common ground. These are important skill sets if we are to unite the party to move politics towards much kinder and inclusive policies rooted in our shared deep concern for the fate of our planet.

“I’ve worked with Dimitri on a number of issues from procedural fairness to international human rights. He’s a tireless worker, always does his research, and presents calmly and confidently in both official languages. I’m confident that Dimitri is the person we need to lead the Green Party in a bold, progressive, positive direction.”

—Lisa Barrett, Canada's first Green mayor, former candidate and Foreign Affairs critic for the GPC

“...Ultimately, my number one choice for being our next leader is determined by whom I feel can best stand beside the other party’s leaders (especially in scrums and debates) can confidently address the media and will interact with Canadians in ways that will bring more votes to Greens while driving the positive changes we need throughout our country.

This leader, is Dimitri Lascaris.”

—David Weber, multi time Green Party candidate in Kitchener South.

“I am thankful to have the opportunity to endorse a candidate of Dimitri’s character, courage and integrity.

It is clear that Dimitri recognizes that social justice is not just a topic that you 'link to climate', but the fundamental paradigm through which diverse communities across Canada are able to see themselves in the solutions to our Climate Emergency.

At this pivotal moment in Canadian history, we have been gifted the opportunity to support a candidate whose bold vision is informed by comprehensive understanding of the challenges we face, genuine consultation with the communities he intends to represent, and with the strength of leadership to prevent pragmatic solutions from sardonic rebranding as 'progressive'.

As such I am compelled to make the first political endorsement I have ever made. I would never forgive myself, when I look back at this moment in history, if I didn’t support the candidate with the strongest vision for my community, my generation, and my country.”

—André Forsythe, Executive Director Canadian Climate Challenge, project lead School for Climate

“In these unprecedented times, bold progressive ideas are necessary to create the change that Canadians need. Dimitri Lascaris is a champion of human rights, social justice, and environmental sustainability. He has an outstanding platform with detailed policy blueprints. And most importantly, Dimitri has the courage to speak truth to power. In an era where empty platitudes are employed by so many politicians, Dimitri's substance and character is refreshing to see. He is the leader the Green Party of Canada needs.”

—Kevin Reynolds, Canadian Olympic medallist in figure skating, BA International Affairs, UBC

“I’m endorsing Dimitri Lascaris and he’ll be my top pick on the ballot. I rejoined the GPC this month for just one reason - to vote for party rejuvenation, renewed relevance and eco-socialist values by helping elect Dimitri Lascaris.

Now, with some leadership candidates like Dimitri Lascaris proudly identifying as eco-socialists, I’m regaining some of that hopeful excitement and promise from the early days of 2004. I don’t know Dimitri personally but I like what I see - an accomplished lawyer, activist and journalist with a strong record of standing up and speaking out on issues that matter to me - human rights, animal rights and planetary destruction. But policy positions are just the starting point. Dimitri’s campaign has shown us a candidate with passion, ethics, solid competence, and leadership skills gained through experience in real life struggles.

The GPC needs a leader who brings new energy, the hope of cleaning house, and a fresh eco-socialist perspective. Looking forward to voting for Dimitri Lascaris tomorrow.”

—Sharon Labchuk, three-time GPC candidate, regional organizer, shadow cabinet critic under two leaders, campaign manager for Elizabeth May and national Director of Organizing for 5 years; founder and former leader of the Green Party of PEI

“In a year where everything is going badly, the Green Party of Canada leadership race is a glimmer of hope that makes me very optimistic. We are fortunate to have candidates who have been full of ideas and creativity to make Canada greener, fairer and more prosperous. Having said that, it is understandable to have a preference and mine is Dimitri Lascaris.

I've only known Dimitri for a few months, but his commitment to the environment and social justice is evident throughout his impressive career. In fact, he has stood up to the major corporate and political interests that tirelessly attempt to exploit and muzzle citizens in Canada and around the world. Yes, his defence of humanity goes beyond our borders: Dimitri does not mince his words to make our government accountable when it supports repressive states; the same goes for our mining companies who do not hesitate to pollute or trample on human rights throughout the world.

Moreover, the international scope of his experience as well as his demonstrated ability to deliver the goods in Canada — defending ordinary citizens against the Establishment —... are precisely the qualities that set him apart from other candidates. The icing on the cake is that Dimitri is a bilingual Quebec candidate who understands the Quebec identity.

Another commendable fact is that Dimitri Lascaris and David Merner are the only candidates to have conducted a physical election campaign right across the country, the latter having passed through Quebec on two occasions. Although Dimitri remains my first choice as leader, I wish David Merner good luck, as well as my friend and only other candidate from Quebec, Meryam Haddad.

The Greens of Canada have big shoes to fill in replacing our leader and long-time activist Elizabeth May. Without denying the qualities of the other candidates in the running, I am convinced that Dimitri Lascaris is the person best suited to become the catalyst for our party and our green vision. I believe this because I rely on his unparalleled activist experience and his resilience in the face of powerful lobbies.

Straightforward, a very good listener, and a result-oriented fighter, Dimitri is the right leader for this new chapter of the Green Party of Canada. To make your own first choice, ask yourself the question I asked myself: who is best equipped to defend my interests as an average citizen? My answer is Dimitri. I’ll vote for him, then I will rally behind the elected leader on October 3 whoever the winner is.

I am President of the Quebec Wing of the Green Party of Canada but I must point out that I endorse Dimitri Lascaris in my personal capacity because my opinion is my own, and does not commit the GPC’s Quebec Wing.

—Ralph Shayne, President of the Quebec Wing of the Green Party of Canada

“I support Dimitri because he understands Canada's history of dispossessing Indigenous peoples and he has a clear platform that will help restructure Indigenous and non-Indigenous relationships based on truth and justice.”

—Sylvia McAdam (Saysewahum), co-founder of Idle No More

"If we are to survive as a party and remain a voice for an equitable and ecological society we need to offer a clear and powerful vision for that society. That is why I am endorsing Dimitri Lascaris for Green Party Leader. Dimitri is stalwart advocate for those who have been denied a voice, for the marginalized, for the working class, and for the planet. He will make the Greens stand out as solidly committed to a vision far more audacious and far more vibrant than that provided by any other party. Dimitri and the Green Party of Canada will be known on the world stage as the bravest and most unfailing advocates for the planet and for human rights.

Young people such as myself are tired of business-as-usual, neoliberal politics that dictate the market is always right when the world is resplendent with its failures. Emissions increase at a linear rate and millions of people at home and billions abroad are paid less than it takes to survive. Millions more have no regular access to food or safe water and their numbers will only increase with climate change. At the very same time billionaires grow richer. The market has failed. If we have the bravery to say so, we will inspire millions, at home and around the world.

That is why when voting opens on September 26th, I am making Dimitri Lascaris my number 1 choice for Green Party leader. It is time to lead, not just Canada, but the entire world."

—Rowan Miller, Green Party candidate in New Brunswick

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