“Dimitri’s legal advocacy, investigative reporting, and public lectures and commentary are proof that he is willing to take bold and principled stances for peace, the environment, and human rights.

He is well-known for standing up for the vulnerable, the disenfranchised, and the oppressed, and his understanding of the law as an instrument of activism has enabled him to achieve tangible victories for the causes he has defended.

Dimitri’s blending of ecology and democratic socialism provides an exciting foundation for the development of new policy. I believe that by choosing Dimitri as leader of the Green Party, we will help the party unite emerging youth movements with long-time activists.”

—Joan Russow, past Green Party of Canada Leader (1997-2001)

“I’ve known Dimitri for several years, and he has impressed me with his intelligence and commitment.

Dimitri stands out in an era when Canada is suffering a dearth of leadership. He will demonstrate that the Greens are a party of substance, led by a well-spoken, articulate (in both French and English) and thoughtful person who understands the critical role our environment plays in Canada’s ability to maintain a high quality of life and a sustainable economy.”

—Don Scott, past Green Party of Canada Vice President, English (2014-2016)

“I have known Dimitri Lascaris since 2015 and have been impressed by his personal integrity; his clarity of thinking; his clear and assertive communication; and his grasp of the profound environmental, economic, social, democratic, and international problems and challenges that Canada faces.

Dimitri’s political standpoint is nourished by the spirit of current social movements. He would not only make a fitting successor to the remarkable Elizabeth May, but he also would attract social activists to the party and capture the attention of both the media and the Canadian public.

Dimitri is very well-placed to take the GPC to the next phase of its development at a time when resourceful, courageous, and ethical leaders are so sorely needed to inspire Canadians to face our intersecting local, national, and global challenges. I am very pleased to endorse Dimitri's candidacy for the GPC leadership.”

—Richard Walsh, past Shadow Cabinet critic for Mental Health, past candidate 2015 (Waterloo)

“I have joined Dimitri’s team because I think the country needs someone of Dimitri’s integrity at the helm of the Green Party. The Green Party has failed to capture the attention of Canadians as shown by our electoral results. The energy and directness and confidence that Dimitri brings to politics will enable us to do so. We have to be aggressive, to communicate the desperate need for cultural and economic renewal essential for our survival through the multifactorial challenges of climate change. I am confident that Dimitri can and will do this.”

—Colin Griffiths, past Shadow Cabinet critic for Science & Technology, past candidate 2015 (Pontiac)

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    Dimitri is a passionate advocate for social change. As a lawyer, he has protected the rights victims of corporate greed, indifference and negligence. As a rights activist he has traveled the world to bear witness to human and environmental atrocities and to focus attention where social change is necessary. Dimitri cares deeply for this planet and the people on it. He is a force of nature.