Reflections on the Meaning of Canada Day

Every year, on July 1, we Canadians celebrate and reflect upon what it means to be Canadian. No society is monolithic, and Canada is no exception. Each of us approaches this day in her own way, influenced by individual experiences of what it means to be Canadian. I am a child of two Greek immigrants. My mother and father came to this country in the 1950s. Along with many other immigrants from Southern Europe, my parents were encouraged to come to Canada by the government of the day. Continue reading

TVO Debate: Dimitri Calls for Justice

On the first televised leadership debate of the campaign, Dimitri made a bold call for social, economic, and environmental justice. Watch the debate now on YouTube: Continue reading

Fair Vote Canada Debate: Dimitri Talks Democracy

Fair Vote Canada held a special debate on the state of Canada's democracy. Dimitri didn't shy away from the truth: that Canada doesn't have a real democracy so long as inequality exists. Watch the debate now on YouTube: Continue reading

Roger Waters Endorses Dimitri

Renowned musician, co-founder of progressive rock band Pink Floyd, and human rights activist Roger Waters has endorsed Dimitri. Roger shared his endorsement today and you can view it here: Continue reading

My Candidacy Has Been Approved

This morning, I learned that my application to participate in the Green Party of Canada leadership race has been accepted following a successful appeal. Continue reading

Statement Concerning Resumption of Fundraising

On March 31st, Dimitri and four other candidates announced that they would suspend active fundraising in response to the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. Today, Dimitri notified those other candidates that our campaign is resuming active fundraising. Although we are obligated to fulfil the financial requirements of the leadership race, we will continue to be sensitive to the ongoing financial circumstances that many people face during the pandemic.

Update Concerning Dimitri's Appeal

Dimitri has released the following statement with regard to the status of his appeal: "The Green Party's vetting committee has accepted my request to disclose the identities of its members and their reasons for not approving my leadership application. Continue reading

Statement Concerning Dimitri's Leadership Contest Application

Dimitri has issued the following statement concerning the status of his candidacy: Today (May 26th), I received word that my application to run in the Green Party of Canada leadership race has not been accepted. Continue reading

Joint Statement: Candidates announce suspension of fundraising

31 March 2020—Leadership candidates for the Green Party of Canada are announcing a suspension of fundraising, requesting that the party defer payment deadlines, and preparing a roundtable discussion to address the COVID-19 pandemic and its effects on Canadians. Continue reading

Helping Canadians Pay for Essentials During COVID-19

In response to the COVID-19 crisis, Canada’s federal, provincial and municipal governments have adopted sweeping measures to limit the spread of the virus. These actions are necessary to protect our health. But they will also deeply disrupt our economy. Already, economic activity has plunged more severely and swiftly than has been seen in our lifetimes. This disruption threatens people’s jobs, their incomes, and their ability to pay essential expenses. Continue reading