Democratizing Corporate Governance

Canada should:

  • Enact or amend relevant legislation to require that at least one quarter of the members of the boards of the following sorts of corporations be elected by employees of the corporation:
    1. Crown Corporations
    2. Canada Business Corporations Act (CBCA) corporations
    3. Non-CBCA corporations that wish to be eligible for contracts from the Federal government.
  • Create a national business school curriculum for worker-owned cooperatives and collectives; or incorporate such instruction in existing technical institutes and colleges.
  • Facilitate worker buyouts and cooperative or collective forms of ownership of existing or new firms, including by ensuring tax treatment on par or better than privately owned firms and corporations.  
  • Require all sales of interests in Canadian corporations beyond a threshold size to be permitted only by Parliament after due investigation. Prohibit reverse takeovers that cross the Canadian border.

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