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My name is Dimitri Lascaris, and I'm running to become leader of the Green Party of Canada.

Why haven't we achieved real climate action in Canada? And why haven't we achieved social and economic justice for all Canadians?

We know what needs to be done, and we know the vast majority of Canadians support these changes, so why haven't they happened yet? The answer is simple: big corporations and the wealthy have blocked the change that average Canadians desperately want.

The fundamental political challenge we face today is the challenge of overcoming powerful interests. The Green Party needs a leader who can rise to this challenge.

As an activist, I disrupted the powerful and humbled the dishonest. As a journalist, I exposed the corruption of big corporations and their bought politicians. And as a lawyer, I held those same corporations to account.

I fought against slave labour in Eritrea. I fought against the big banks. I fought against corruption at SNC-Lavalin. I took on these cases and I won victories for the environment, human rights, and democracy.

I know how big corporations and wealthy interests operate. I know their tricks, their methods, and their plans. I know how they've beaten us in the past, and I won't let them do it again.

Together, you and I will take on the fossil fuel industry, we'll take on injustice and inequity in this country, and we'll win.

Ultimately, I believe that what unites us as Greens is that we refuse to compromise the interests of the oppressed or of future generations. We know that we need to defy the powerful for the sake of the many. If you agree with me, please support my campaign.

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