Planning: The Key to Democracy

The surest way to provide for an equitable and just economic democracy is to ensure that all take part in determining its objectives. That means planning, not the top-down variety the bottom up democratic and decentralized planning.

We will introduce five plans designed and implemented in a democratic and decentralized way with full transparency and participation at all levels of government:

Economic democracy will be key to avoiding the cronyism, backdoor deals and scandals that plague the management of Canada’s economy. Social ownership can match private efficiency and meet social and ecological objectives, while avoiding its lack of transparency, accountability and representation.

We will ensure that planning puts power in the hands of ordinary people. We will delegate authority to the lowest feasible level of enterprise and government. Public and private agencies alike will be required to divulge clearly what they are doing, to be publicly accountable and to ensure the public is represented in their governing structures. We will disband the present private lobbying system and replace it with open public accountability.

Take Responsibility, Take Control

Climate change, COVID-19, crash after economic crash with the loss of millions of jobs and livelihoods, and not least, war, are not ‘natural disasters.’ Our existing economic model has had a big hand in all of them. We created this mess and we have to get ourselves, and future generations, out of it.

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