The D-Brief, July 24

When my candidacy was accepted on June 2nd, I had no idea what would come next. People across this country have responded to our call to unite progressives into the Green Party of Canada

Activists who have never joined a party before have become Greens. Former NDP members have become Greens. Together we're building a movement that will transform Canadian politics.

Furthermore, thanks to your incredible generosity, my campaign was able to raise $35,000 in the month of June alone, immediately establishing our campaign as a front-runner.

Finally, these past few weeks I was privileged to travel across Southern Ontario and British Columbia, where I met many of you in person (while at a safe distance!). Everywhere we went, I saw a deep desire for a new kind of society, a Canada where we achieve environmental, economic, and social justice for all. Many of you volunteered to help my campaign and I'm grateful to have you on my team.

All of this has helped us to spread one crucial message: it's time to defy the powerful and confront injustice everywhere. If you're able and haven't already, will you consider helping?

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A Quote from Dimitri

“As Naomi Klein argues, the core cause of the climate crisis is capitalism. For the sake of our children, I will confront those who profit from that system and I will call for a new economic system that puts the many before the few and the planet before plutocrats.”


A Special Request

To appear on the ballot at the end of September, Dimitri needs 150 nominations from members in good standing. Anybody who was not a nominator in the first round can nominate. If you're not a member, you can join and nominate immediately. Will you nominate Dimitri?



Policy Talk: The Fight For $20

Workers' wages in Canada have stagnated for decades. You've probably heard federal politicians talk about the minimum wage before. Maybe you were disappointed to find out, after a little research, that their proposals would only affect federal government employees.

Our campaign is proposing something different: a national living wage of $20/hour for every single worker, coast to coast, in this country.

By creating a new federal-provincial workers' transfer, using the model of the health transfers that guarantee uniform health care across this country, we're proposing a true national living wage, indexed to inflation, and reviewed by a National Labour Commission to ensure it always reflects a living wage.

Join the fight for $20: volunteer to be part of our campaign and fight for a real, national living wage.


Want to learn about our other policy proposals? See our platform page.


Endorsement: Dr. Atif Kubursi

"Dimitri is totally committed to a green planet that sustains life with dignity and justice for all. He comes with deep knowledge of the issues of sustainability and the complex interactions between the economy and the environment. I am particularly impressed with his unwavering commitments to decency, integrity and transparency. These are the principles so deeply missed in the political arena of expediency, cow-towing to corporate agendas and interest groups. His energy and untiring work to be a voice for those whose voices are dismissed are adding a fresh life to our political discourse and politicians."

- Dr. Atif Kubursi, Professor Emeritus of Economics, McMaster University


About Dimitri

Dimitri is a lawyer, journalist, and activist living in Montreal, Quebec. Named one of the 25 most influential lawyers in Canada and one of the 50 most influential figures in Canadian business, Dimitri co-founded and led Canada's largest and most accomplished team of securities class action lawyers, recovering more than $450,000,000 from big corporations engaged in deceptive practices, human rights abuses, and environmental destruction. To learn more, read Dimitri's Story.


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