We Can Do It

The money, technology and skills are readily available. No new rocket science is needed, only resolute political will. Canadians should wrest control of our economy and environment from the hands of their abusers, bring our leaders to their senses and hold them to account.

Canadians want it

A May 2020 poll commissioned by the Broadbent Institute (see [1]) shows that Canadians resoundingly endorse an economic approach that prioritizes social health and welfare, increased government spending, transition to a low-carbon economy, debt relief, and a wealth tax:

  • by a 2 to 1 margin (64% to 36%), Canadians want governments to spend whatever is required to rebuild and stimulate the economy, even if it means running deficits;
  • many Canadians believe that critical parts of Canada’s health and care infrastructure require improvements, especially the long-term care system;
  • most Canadians say it is essential that economic recovery make Canada more self-sufficient and fair; ensure those with the most contribute the most; include investments in the health care system and young Canadians; and help transition to a low-carbon economy;
  • 77% support governments providing financial assistance and debt relief to municipalities to help with budget shortfalls;
  • 3 in 4 Canadians (75%) support implementing a wealth tax of 1% to 2% of the value of assets of Canada’s wealthiest people to help pay for the recovery; and
  • 8 in 10 Canadians (81%) believe companies receiving government assistance should be required not to use foreign tax havens, and not use the money for excessive salaries, share buybacks, or increasing dividends.

Canadians’ political mood is shifting profoundly. The old ways of running the economy and organizing our relation to the earth no longer work. The Green Party under Dimitri’s leadership will give the progressive majority of Canadians a voice in the halls of power.

Power to the People: Economic Democracy as a Guiding Principle

Canadians have not been in charge of their own destiny. We are denied democracy in the largest sphere of our lives – our economy. It prevents our concerns about the ecological emergency from being expressed in our economic structures and practices. An economy dominated by private corporations cannot address these problems because they value profit over human need or the protection of nature.

We will address these failures by with a system of economic democracy, drawing on modern innovative ideas to bring about a socialist economy which is also a green ‘circular’ one. Simply put, it would restore to nature what it takes out. Economic democracy will be expressed in the running of enterprises (as set out in ‘Advancing Workers’ Rights in a Changing World of Work’) and in our system of planning for a Just Green Wellbeing.

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[1] https://abacusdata.ca/what-kind-of-recovery-broadbent-institute/