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  • Towards a Socially Just Society

    Canada professes a deep commitment to equality and multiculturalism and is committed, under its Charter of Human Rights and in international law, to fulfill these commitments. Despite that, neoliberal policies of recent decades, and the pandemic, set back historic struggles for equality, freedom and respect. They increased economic inequality and poverty and worsened discrimination, exclusion and backlash facing equity seeking groups – women, racialized Canadians, 2SLGBTQIA+, the old, the young, migrants and mentally ill and differently abled people. Affirmative action that does not tackle the underlying causes of the disadvantages equity seeking groups suffer only entrenches them.


    The Green Party under Dimitri commits itself to a radically deep and wide transformation that reaches all. It encompasses:


    ● economic management that eliminates poverty and radically reduces inequality; representation of equity seeking groups in all important political, social and cultural institutions;

    ● the public, free and accessible provision of social services by skilled personnel trained, inter alia, in anti-discrimination;

    ● expanding data collection capacity to support evidence-based policy and performance monitoring;

    ● legal reform to strengthen anti-discrimination;

    ● strategies to end violence and intimidation in all forms and venues

    ● expanding knowledge of the contributions, roles and struggles of equity seeking groups in the educational system and in our culture; and

    ● an egalitarian, non-discriminatory and green recovery from the pandemic.


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    Full background document on our equity platform, Towards the Socially Just Society. (23 pages)

  • Indigenous Land, Sovereignty and Rights Platform

    As a settler society, Canada’s history has been one of dispossessing Indigenous peoples of their land, sovereignty and rights. Though the Royal Proclamation of 1763 recognized Indigenous peoples as the original occupants of the land and, as such, bearers of special rights including collective rights such as the right to self-determination or sovereignty and rights to traditional land, to this day, the Canadian state continues its termination policy towards all three in order to support its extraction-based economy. The result is genocide.

    The ongoing dismissal of land rights, the kidnapping of Indigenous children from their communities, the over-incarceration of Indigenous people in the justice system and the tragedy of Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls are only the most visible features of this genocide.

    The Green Party of Canada under Dimitri’s leadership is committed the most affirmative possible approach in working with Indigenous peoples to effect a root and branch overhaul of the relations between the Canadian state and Indigenous people, above all by insisting on Indigenous land, sovereignty and rights and rejecting the racist doctrines of discovery and terra nullius.

    Our approach is committed to working with Indigenous peoples, their grass roots and elected leaders and their Indigenous knowledge, strengths and ways in nation-to-nation relations. It is committed to restoring Indigenous sovereignty, land and rights and ending the genocide as national priorities.



  • Conversations on Benches

    A series of conversations in which Dimitri leaves the usual political guardrails behind and speaks to Canadians from different backgrounds about the most important issues we face together.

    Part 1: A Green Economy and the Future of Work

    No political party has done an adequate job of communicating a bold, cohesive vision that deals with the climate emergency... while also facing the reality of what the future looks like for working class people in this country.

    Is it possible that a new economy based on sustainability and solidarity can provide a better future for working class and marginalized people?

    Dimitri, Andre Forsythe (Climate Challenge), Tony Leah (Green Jobs Oshawa), and Slater Jewell Kemker (Youth Unstoppable) dive into the big, messy questions that will define the lives of Canadians for generations to come. Where do the needs of racialized communities, young people, and marginalized white working class people meet? They dig down to the roots of how our profit-driven economy has shaped our personal world-views to try and find out.

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