Cooperative Foreign Policy for the Multipolar World

If today the world faces ecological and public health emergencies without the means to coordinate international action to address them, something is clearly wrong in the way its international relations are organized. Canada’s foreign policy has played no small part in bringing matters to this pass. Cooperative Foreign Policy for a Multipolar World proposes a radical overhaul of Canada’s foreign policy.

  • End Sanctions that harm the Innocent. Criticise and end Canada's acquiescence in the US withdrawal from the nuclear deal with Iran and the US inhuman sanctions on Iran, Cuba and Venezuela.
  • Resist the annexation. Impose political, military and economic sanctions on Israel for its illegal occupation and settlement.
  • For the universal application of international law. Demand that the International Criminal Court (ICC) end its exclusive focus on war crimes committed by the American government’s official enemies. American and other western state war criminals must be made equally accountable for their crimes.
  • Stop exporting arms. Cancel the Saudi arms deal and impose a ban on trading in arms with all states that do not comply with UN Human Rights protocols and any states whose governments are engaged in violations of such human rights.
  • Total nuclear disarmament. Accede immediately to the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons.
  • Resume relations with Iran. Restore diplomatic relations with Iran as desired by Iranian Canadians, ending our complicity in US led efforts to target Iran.