Conversations on Benches

A series of conversations in which Dimitri leaves the usual political guardrails behind and speaks to Canadians from different backgrounds about the most important issues we face together.

Part 1: A Green Economy and the Future of Work

No political party has done an adequate job of communicating a bold, cohesive vision that deals with the climate emergency... while also facing the reality of what the future looks like for working class people in this country.

Is it possible that a new economy based on sustainability and solidarity can provide a better future for working class and marginalized people?

Dimitri, Andre Forsythe (Climate Challenge), Tony Leah (Green Jobs Oshawa), and Slater Jewell Kemker (Youth Unstoppable) dive into the big, messy questions that will define the lives of Canadians for generations to come. Where do the needs of racialized communities, young people, and marginalized white working class people meet? They dig down to the roots of how our profit-driven economy has shaped our personal world-views to try and find out.