André Forsythe endorses Dimitri Lascaris

We are pleased to announce that Dimitri was endorsed by André Forsythe, Executive Director Canadian Climate Challenge, project lead School for Climate, climate activist and former sustainable fashion consultant (FTA).

André Forsythe

“I am thankful to have the opportunity to endorse a candidate of Dimitri’s character, courage and integrity.

It is clear that Dimitri recognizes that social justice is not just a topic that you 'link to climate', but the fundamental paradigm through which diverse communities across Canada are able to see themselves in the solutions to our Climate Emergency.

At this pivotal moment in Canadian history, we have been gifted the opportunity to support a candidate whose bold vision is informed by comprehensive understanding of the challenges we face, genuine consultation with the communities he intends to represent, and with the strength of leadership to prevent pragmatic solutions from sardonic rebranding as 'progressive'.

As such I am compelled to make the first political endorsement I have ever made. I would never forgive myself, when I look back at this moment in history, if I didn’t support the candidate with the strongest vision for my community, my generation, and my country.”


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    • Dimitri Lascaris
      published this page in Campaign News 2020-09-23 15:14:10 -0400