The People's Healthcare Service Canada Needs

Canadians are proud of their publicly funded healthcare system. Despite this, our federal and provincial governments have long underfunded it and joined with corporations to privatize it. COVID-19 has revealed the unconscionable cost of this assault in the length and severity of the lockdowns and in long-term care homes even as bereaved families are prevented from going to court to seek redress.

The Green Party under Dimitri’s leadership commits to redressing the deficiencies of Canada’s healthcare system by expanding it into a universal, comprehensive and publicly and sufficiently funded People’s Healthcare Service (PHS). The new PHS will include dentistry, pharmacare, eldercare and mental healthcare. It will also ensure more equitable salaries and improved working conditions for healthcare workers, as well as the training of numerous new health professionals.

The PHS will fulfil its expanded mandate through a revamped Legal, Structural, Compliance and Financial Framework, including governance by First Nations of their healthcare services.

Healthcare in Canada falls largely under provincial jurisdiction while also being governed by the provisions of the Canada Health Act (CHA), with its five criteria and two conditions. Mindful of this, Dimitri’s government will implement its vision through a combination of energetic initiative on all matters falling under federal jurisdiction and leadership, partnership and incentivization on all matters falling under provincial jurisdiction.