D-Brief for Oct 1

Idle No More co-founder Sylvia McAdam endorses Dimitri.

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D-Brief for October 1

Sylvia McAdam, co-founder of both Idle No More and One House Many Nations endorses Dimitri

“I support Dimitri because he understands Canada’s history of dispossessing Indigenous peoples and he has a clear platform that will help restructure Indigenous and non-Indigenous relationships based on truth and justice.

— Sylvia McAdam (Saysewahum)

Sylvia McAdam (Saysewahum), of the nēhīyaw Nation of Treaty 6 territory, holds a Juris Doctorate from the University of Saskatchewan and a Bachelor’s degree in Human Justice from the University of Regina.  Sylvia is co-founder of a global grassroots Indigenous-led movement called Idle No More and also co-founder of the One House Many Nations Campaign, which designs off-the-grid sustainable tiny-homes.

Download the full report as a PDF. 

Ranked Ballot voting for Dimitri and your preferred candidates

A huge THANK YOU! to everyone who has voted
and for everyone who is about to vote.

If you have not yet received an email from vote@simplyvoting.com with your ballot link and password, it's critical that you contact the GPC ASAP at elections@greenparty.ca

This is a ranked ballot vote. Please rank your choices.

If we all voted for our single, favourite candidate and did not rank all of our other preferred candidates, the result would be the same as in any "First Past The Post" election -- a distortion of the proportion of support each candidate has earned from all voters.

The result of ranked ballots is a "consensus" candidate -- the candidate preferred by most electors. 

If we rank Dimitri as our number 1 -- followed by all other candidates in our order of preference -- we'll ensure a proportionate recognition of our choices. That's how the Green Party of Canada chooses a leader who fully represents a consensus among all voters.

If you need a review of Dimitri's policies, you can read all of our platform statements on our web site. They cover all aspects of our society from health to workers’ rights to the economy, foreign policy, Indigenous rights, justice, equity, our party’s internal governance and, of course, the environment. These documents build on the underlying platform of the Green Party as developed over the last 15 years.

Please vote for Dimitri as your number 1 choice, and carefully rank everyone who has worked so hard to represent you. Once you have voted let us know so that we can focus our volunteer efforts on those who have not yet cast their ballot. Text the word "voted" to 647-360-6602 or email the words "I Voted" to info@teamdimitri.ca.


Video: Dimitri Does Politics Differently - Stronger Together Federal, Provincial and Municipal Greens

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#TheTimeIsNow to Get to know Dimitri Lascaris & vote for him

Thanks to all of our volunteers. If you would like to join the team in these last few days please visit our Take Action page. We need you on the phone now! 

Please make a donation if you can.


The time is now. Le temps d'agir

Make Dimitri your Number 1!

Join us and share this message!


Authorized by the Official Agent for the leadership campaign of Dimitri Lascaris.

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