Dimitri Lascaris endorsed by Maria Victor

Team Dimitri is proud to have earned the endorsement of sociologist Maria Páez Victor, MA. Ph.D., who has written numerous academic works, and has a weekly radio program on the Spanish-language community radio in Toronto.

“In today's world, too often we have to tolerate politicians who express themselves in evasions, clichés and even half-truths when dealing with key issues that confront us. I am backing Dimitri Lascaris because he has shown an honesty that is now very rare. He confronts head-on the relationship between the environment and the type of economy we have established.

I also honour him for being so forthright in challenging Canada’s disastrous foreign policy that uses sanctions and colonialist era threats to other nations. There can be no sound international environmental measures without the respect between nations. For this important link between environmental degradation, the economy and a detrimental foreign policy, I fully support Dimitri Lascaris and hope that our votes will make him the extraordinary leader that the Green Party, and Canada, needs at this moment."


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