Dimitri Live

Dimitri Live: Tuesdays 5:30pm ET / Mardi 17h30 HE

Dimitri Live is a 40-minute live show that features Dimitri and a co-host interviewing a guest about current social and political issues in Canada. Audience members are invited to ask questions live during the show, or to submit them ahead of time via social media.

Current Episode

Episode 6: Building a More Caring Society after COVID-19

Dimitri, Atul, Lia, and Wendy discuss some ways that we can transform our society to address challenges brought up in the first five episodes, with a focus on health care, access to justice, and combatting racism.

This episode will air Tuesday, May 12th, at 5:30pm ET.  To get a reminder before the show, you can follow Dimitri's campaign, subscribe to Dimitri's YouTube channel, follow Dimitri's Campaign Facebook page, or follow @dimitrilascaris on Twitter.

Past Episodes

Episode 5: COVID-19 and Domestic Violence

Dimitri and Wendy interview Maureen Reid, a social worker with 40 years of experience, about the rise in domestic violence during the COVID-19 pandemic. (Aired May 5th.)

Episode 4: COVID-19 and Cuba

Dimitri and Lia interview Ed Augustin, a British journalist stationed in Cuba, about Cuba's response to COVID-19, both domestic and international. (Aired April 28th.)

Episode 3: COVID-19 and anti-Black racism in Canada

Dimitri and Atul interview Kike Ojo, an equity and anti-racism expert and principal of the Kojo Institute, about the links between COVID-19 and anti-Black racism in Canada. (Aired April 21st.)

Episode 2: COVID-19, the Opioid Crisis, isolation, and addiction

Dimitri and Lia interview author and addiction specialist Dr. Gabor Maté about the links between COVID-19, the Opioid crisis, isolation, and addiction. (Aired April 14th.)

Episode 1: COVID-19 and indigenous communities in Turtle Island / Canada

Dimitri and Lia interview Diane Longboat, a Mohawk elder and traditional teacher, about the COVID-19 crisis and its impacts on indigenous communities in Turtle Island / Canada. (Aired April 7th.)


Dimitri Lascaris is a lawyer, journalist, and activist running for the leadership of the Green Party of Canada. To learn more about him, read Dimitri's Story.

Lia Tarachansky is an award-winning Israeli-Canadian filmmaker, journalist, and co-founder of Naretiv Productions. Her work is frequently featured in publications such as +972 Magazine, Mondoweiss, USA Today, Al Jazeera, and the Huffington Post.

Atul Bahl is a retired Ontario educator currently acting as a special advisor to Dimitri's campaign.

Wendy Goldsmith has been a social worker in London, Ontario for more than two decades. Wendy sailed with the Women's Boat to Gaza in 2016.