Donations for Dimitri Lascaris surge as progressive candidates for Green Party leadership challenge the centre

According to figures released by the Green Party on Tuesday, Dimitri Lascaris saw a remarkable surge of grass roots support, more than doubling funds raised during the prior five months of the campaign.

Many of his supporters are first time Greens, who joined the party to vote for the candidate who champions a boldly progressive agenda. As of August 31, Lascaris' campaign had raised $112,069.20, the second highest total (see attached figures). His is one of only two campaigns to top $100,000 in donations, and the only one to do so without the help of the former Green Party leader.

The number of individual donors to Lascaris' campaign also more than doubled in the last month to 958, the second highest total and more than twice that of the third place contender, while the average size of donations to his campaign remains a modest $117. He is also one of three Green Party leadership candidates -- and the only donations front runner -- to receive an "A" rating from Fair Vote Canada, a broad multi-partisan group supporting electoral reform. Lascaris is now positioned as the progressive challenger of the status quo with the momentum needed to bring a fresh and invigorating perspective to the party.

“The Green Party of Canada must lay unapologetic claim to the left and stick to our principles. That is how we are going to grow the party. We must unite progressives in order to win.”

Dimitri Lascaris is a lawyer, journalist, and activist who has travelled from Vancouver Island to Québec City in his leadership campaign, meeting at over 150 in-person and online events with Green Party supporters and others who are inspired by his message of transformational change in Canadian politics.

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