President of the Quebec Wing of the Green Party of Canada endorses Dimitri

Team Dimitri is honoured to receive the endorsement of Ralph Shayne, President of the Quebec Wing of the Green Party of Canada.

“In a year where everything is going badly, the Green Party of Canada leadership race is a glimmer of hope that makes me very optimistic. We are fortunate to have candidates who have been full of ideas and creativity to make Canada greener, fairer and more prosperous. Having said that, it is understandable to have a preference and mine is Dimitri Lascaris.

I've only known Dimitri for a few months, but his commitment to the environment and social justice is evident throughout his impressive career. In fact, he has stood up to the major corporate and political interests that tirelessly attempt to exploit and muzzle citizens in Canada and around the world. Yes, his defence of humanity goes beyond our borders: Dimitri does not mince his words to make our government accountable when it supports repressive states; the same goes for our mining companies who do not hesitate to pollute or trample on human rights throughout the world.

Moreover, the international scope of his experience as well as his demonstrated ability to deliver the goods in Canada — defending ordinary citizens against the Establishment —... are precisely the qualities that set him apart from other candidates. The icing on the cake is that Dimitri is a bilingual Quebec candidate who understands the Quebec identity.

Another commendable fact is that Dimitri Lascaris and David Merner are the only candidates to have conducted a physical election campaign right across the country, the latter having passed through Quebec on two occasions. Although Dimitri remains my first choice as leader, I wish David Merner good luck, as well as my friend and only other candidate from Quebec, Meryam Haddad.

The Greens of Canada have big shoes to fill in replacing our leader and long-time activist Elizabeth May. Without denying the qualities of the other candidates in the running, I am convinced that Dimitri Lascaris is the person best suited to become the catalyst for our party and our green vision. I believe this because I rely on his unparalleled activist experience and his resilience in the face of powerful lobbies.

Straightforward, a very good listener, and a result-oriented fighter, Dimitri is the right leader for this new chapter of the Green Party of Canada. To make your own first choice, ask yourself the question I asked myself: who is best equipped to defend my interests as an average citizen? My answer is Dimitri. I’ll vote for him, then I will rally behind the elected leader on October 3 whoever the winner is.

I am President of the Quebec Wing of the Green Party of Canada but I must point out that I endorse Dimitri Lascaris in my personal capacity because my opinion is my own, and does not commit the GPC’s Quebec Wing.

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