Dimitri endorsed by Rowan Miller

Dimitri Lascaris is proud to receive the endorsement of Rowan Miller, GPC Candidate for Tobique-Mactaquac in 2019 and GPNB candidate for Carleton-Victoria.

“Dear Fellow Greens,

My name is Rowan Miller. I am 24 years old, I was the GPC Candidate for Tobique-Mactaquac in 2019 and just a few weeks ago I was the GPNB candidate for Carleton-Victoria. I joined the Greens in 2018 because I knew that the Greens were the only party taking climate change seriously, the only party capable of proposing truly transformative policy to create an equitable and ecologically secure society. That remains true today, but as a party we are now in an existential crisis.

Today the Liberal government unveiled a throne speech which gave particular attention to reducing emissions and combating climate change. The Liberals speak of a “green” recovery from the Covid pandemic, of the proposals that have long been central to the Green approach, such as deep investment in renewable energy and massive retrofits. The “moderate” space for Greens has collapsed; it is being occupied by the Liberal Party.

If we are to survive as a party and remain a voice for an equitable and ecological society we need to offer a clear and powerful vision for that society. That is why I am endorsing Dimitri Lascaris for Green Party Leader. Dimitri is stalwart advocate for those who have been denied a voice, for the marginalized, for the working class, and for the planet. He will make the Greens stand out as solidly committed to a vision far more audacious and far more vibrant than that provided by any other party. Dimitri and the Green Party of Canada will be known on the world stage as the bravest and most unfailing advocates for the planet and for human rights.

Young people such as myself are tired of business-as-usual, neoliberal politics that dictate the market is always right when the world is resplendent with its failures. Emissions increase at a linear rate and millions of people at home and billions abroad are paid less than it takes to survive. Millions more have no regular access to food or safe water and their numbers will only increase with climate change. At the very same time billionaires grow richer. The market has failed. If we have the bravery to say so, we will inspire millions, at home and around the world.

That is why when voting opens on September 26th, I am making Dimitri Lascaris my number 1 choice for Green Party leader. It is time to lead, not just Canada, but the entire world.

Sincerely, Rowan P. Miller

Candidate, Green Party of New Brunswick, 2020

Candidate, Green Party of Canada, 2019”

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