Holding Corporations Accountable

Large corporations in Canada are held to a much more lax standard of justice than private citizens. Because large corporations co-ordinate so much of the productive activity in Canada, especially resource extraction, failing to hold them accountable means that regular violations are inevitable. And when those violations occur, it's regular Canadians who suffer.

Canada should:

  • Ban deferred prosecution agreements for corporate entities and for their directors and officers.
  • Ensure that corporations are held accountable for environmental degradation. (For example, see [1])
  • Regulate the sale of spy software┬áby Canadian companies to regimes that violate human rights, and regulate against the increasing use of spyware technologies in Canada, especially against human rights defenders and journalists. (See [2] and [3])
  • Regulate the increasing use of spy software in Canada, especially against human rights defenders and journalists. (See [2] and [3])
  • Limit public-health tracking projects, such as coronavirus tracking, by excluding spy software companies that participate in human rights abuses, as they have proven themselves to be untrustworthy. (See [4])
  • Suspend Canadian arms sales to Saudi Arabia. (See [5])

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