Team Dimitri Releases Economic Platform

Our existing economy not only puts profit before people and guarantees spiralling inequality, but it is also the root cause of the ecological emergency. 

Economy and ecology are inextricably intertwined. To mend our relationship with the earth, we must wrest power from private corporations and bring the economy under democratic control so that it meets human needs without exceeding the limits of our planet. The vision of Just Green Wellbeing outlined here provides the foundation on which our blueprint for ‘Responding to the Ecological Emergency’ rests.

Note: The Green Party prides itself on having a member-driven policy process. At the same time, the leadership race is an important opportunity to discuss the policy direction of the party. The policies proposed here, which will be brought forward at the next general meeting for member approval, represent Dimitri's vision for how the party can live its values more completely in the political environment of 2020 and beyond.



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