Team Dimitri Releases Workers' Rights Platform

The world of work has changed. Workers' rights, both individual and collective, have deteriorated; high-quality jobs have been replaced by precarious and part-time work with few benefits and no pensions; and large corporations prey on small businesses and workers.

Today, Team Dimitri releases the Workers' Rights chapter of our campaign platform. To create positive work environments, high wages, and freedom from discrimination, and to rejuvenate workers' rights in Canada, it proposes these areas of reform:

Note: The Green Party prides itself on having a member-driven policy process. At the same time, the leadership race is an important opportunity to discuss the policy direction of the party. The policies proposed here, which will be brought forward at the next general meeting for member approval, represent Dimitri's vision for how the party can live its values more completely in the political environment of 2020 and beyond.

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